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Next Ketox is available January 8, 15, 22, 29

Image by Noble Brahma

Primal Ketox

Do you ever wonder why we see so much illness and poor health in our modern world?
Our hunter gatherer ancestors seem almost super human in comparison. 

When I began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I was introduced to some of the most educated and respected researchers, doctors and teachers inside and outside of Integrative Nutrition. 


I found Mark Sission, founder of The Primal Blueprint, to be one of the most inspiring and influential researchers to my practice. I jumped in with both feet and got my certification in primal nutrition.

Tabbouleh with Herbs

Introducing the
Primal 5 Day Ketox


This is 5 days of nutritious meals, snacks, elixirs, gut shots, dessert and more. All made fresh for you daily by a certified nutritionist who has a passion for inspired recipes and meal prep. 


With meals that range from middle eastern fare to bacon cheesecake, it is never a dull moment. You'll feel the passion she has in the ktichen because she's been eating like this herself long enough to know how to keep it exciting. 

Pick up is in Cottonwood or Red Bluff... daily. 

And her primal expertise is available to you the entire 5 days...
as well as after.

Want to get into ketosis?Here you go

Want to live truly low carb for 5 days? 

Get back to the way your body wants to eat!​ 

  • 5 Day Primal Ketox

    • 5 days of keto meals, snack and desserts made fresh daily
    • 5 days of nourishing and balancing elixirs
    • Progress check ins and guidance
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